It is important for you to understand, that diaphragmatic breathing is the easiest way to relax yourself. It helps you evade negative energies from the body and instil positivity inside. In this process, you can sit or lie down on the bed, you can also lie on the floor with a mat underneath. You must attain the most comfortable position and first and foremost relax your shoulders.

Then place one hand on the chest and other one on your stomach. Now breathe in through your nose as slow as you can, inhaling all the air in you, expanding your belly whereas your chest should remain comparatively still than your belly. The outward motion of the stomach to the fullest indicates, that you have reached the maximum capacity of the air you can inhale at one go. It is time to gather all your negative energy and send them out of your body with the air in the atmosphere.

Now make a small hole with your lips, purse them as if you are about to drink something from a straw, then slightly press the hand on your belly, and exhale, take about two seconds to exhale the entire air through your lips.

You must repeat this process and watch the changes that your body will go through within a few months.

There is one more exercise which is considered best for the youth; it is called the rib-stretch breathing and diaphragmatic breathing. This is done by arching your back and exhaling all the air out to the farthest limit you can reach comfortably then inhale slowly and keep the air in you for about 10 seconds. Then breathe out gradually through your lips. This process uses all the body parts especially, your spine, which helps tackle the back and neck issues.

You must try it soon!

Dr. Ashok Bhatt 
Work Shop