deep breathing techniques

Regulating emotions are the most important task for human beings to survive in the society happily. If not done properly, this becomes the root cause of various psychosomatic disorders. There is an optimal level of mental health that can be managed by proper counselling in effect.

We tend to move away from our path and seek others help in matters where only we can manage to take out result. We should know to appraise social situations correctly. Before any provoking situation arises all you should do is to regulate the emotional upsurge properly.

An emotional upsurge is when a person or matter triggers your negative emotional side, you tend to jump on to conclusions and take up a resolution, react and act in the silliest possible way. The most important part is deep breathing, calming oneself and thinking in all possible directions in order to find the most suitable reaction which will not just solve the problem without harming anyone but also will give you profit.

There is something called selective moment syndrome, which makes you react in a particular way every time to a set of particular situations like you tend to get angry while you are in a hurry. You don’t like some people because of their nature and every time they comment you jump into an anger zone and offend them or others around, which altogether makes you feel like a fool.

Often you may not like a situation or a set of people you are surrounded by, but endurance is the key, you should have patience and understand that not every time things will be according to your will and wish. It is certain that SMS, triggers your sensitive part of the brain, and that you have to recognize them. You have to avoid such people/situations or should make an escape mechanism to handle the situation, this is crucial especially for professional life.