how to control emotions

More than thousands of years ago, scientists proved with their excellence, that most of the illness or body injuries are followed by long term frustrations, depressing period or some sort of mood swing pattern.

It is the deep study of Psychoneuroimmunology that focuses on the connection of thoughts and emotions with our brain’s working process and immune system. There is a sub category to it that is behavioural cardiology which is the application of psychological factors in the reduction of cardiovascular risk.

Long term sickness, illness or injury is not just fatal for our immune system or structure but also affects the mental status of the body. The heart rate or the cardio ephemeral shocks are the result of such long term illness which leads to depression.

There is a case study which elaborates on how a healthy person, after getting into an ephemeral vegetative state due to an accident couldn’t recover mentally even though physically, he was slowly making progress. Doctors declared his will power has given up and he does not see himself as a healthy being anymore, which had made him into a depressive individual, seeking medical help only to avoid the real scenario.

Chronic emotional stress can lead to obesity, neurological disorder due to excessive storage of sodium in the body; it can also destroy the body’s resistance power against illness. The most fatal of all, it can cause infertility as well as sexual dysfunction.

You can also feel, a bit of accelerated heart rate and increase in blood pressure. There are chances of blood clotting, which may lead to heart attack or stroke.

There is a need for patients who are recovering from any long term chronic diseases to take some stress management counseling, relaxation training. They can also take some cognitive therapy techniques.

how to control emotions