deep breathing techniques

Sleeping is one of the most important parts of the human being. While sleeping all our sense organs, body parts take a rest and get ready for another day. Your sleep reflects on your face. If you are having a pleasant sleep, then surely your body will feel fresh and your nerves will be relaxed. This will be evident on your face.

Your whole life is dependent on how you sleep, from your sleeping posture, bed, quilt, fragrance in your room, the light of the room every other detail leaves a major impact on how you sleep.

Due to stress from your professional and personal life, you always end up upsetting your sleep. This is the softest target because when you sleep your mind tends to waver and think about most stressful stuff. You are lying alone on your bed, staring at the fan, mostly you will think about the troubles of your life. That will bring only sleepless night for you.

There are ways you can rectify this, your restless sleep and thoughts give you a disturbed night and a tiring morning.Firstly, before sleeping, you should not watch anything serious, puzzling or horrifying. Extreme emotions tend to make you sensitive, your brain is like a child, it gets scared; it is horrified and makes you rethink or re-imagine whatever you saw.

You must read or watch something positive. A nature walk is also a good idea. Night walk helps you relieve tension. Then just before sleeping makes sure, you are sleeping under a light blue or light green lighting only. Check that everything is comfortable. Then slowly practice deep breathing just before closing your eyes.

Help to evolve all the positive energy in you and make sure you keep yourself concentrated on the breathing system only. Try this, follow your heart and stop making yourself miserable just before sleep. Do not keep crying over the pillow.

Sleep well!