Life is full of challenges and we should keep practising the ways how to handle them. First and the foremost thing is you should not react instantly. If you react quickly, you actually didn’t allow your inner instincts, your thinking train to run at all, you just did what you felt was right, not exactly what WAS right!

Before managing your emotional trigger with a further more emotional reaction, take a long, deep breath and normalise the impulse, which is raging like a volcano inside you. While deep breathing, you will feel your muscles relax, especially muscles around the eyes. Then you need to affirm the temporality of the situation. The feeling of letting go, should always be there in your mind. That should not mean, you should demean yourself, or let others insult you, but you should know the right time to strike!

Faith- this word saves the darkest hours fills it with light of hope and makes you survive through the storm. Only if you know how to reaffirm yourself, every time you feel like there is a dead end to any situation. The divine intervention is not fake or it is not believing in something which is not there, it is about trusting on something powerful that made us, that took you to that particular situation that same force will help you come out of the situation. The moment to think about solution needs a lot of strength and faith is the only tool that can provide you with lots and lots of strength.

Now that you know the solution, find the healthy outlet to let out that you controlled for so long. Go for a run, read a book, write, dance, do anything that will make you exert force on your body and outside environ and will loosen some load from your heart which is clutching the emotion so strongly. Kickboxing or martial arts are also a great way to vent anger! Check more info