BREATHWORKS is an important and well-known term, which deals with taking charge of ones life. It consists of three components – Correct Way of Breathing, Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing.

Taking charge of your life by teaching to take care of your breath is a mission for all of us. We are here to help you get Total Health, Controlling your mind and finally spreading the light all around, just by taking care of your breath.

Manage Your Breath & Manage Your Life

BREATH is a barometer of the nervous system. Relaxed Diaphragmatic Breathing is a powerful aid to restoring nervous system coordination and harmony. The nervous system, emotions and the quality of breath are closely related.

Once you have learnt the basics. Keep returning to them in order to deepen your practice. Right and correct way of breathing has to be incorporated into your daily routine. Breath is always available. Breath is like an anchor holding on steadily on to the present. If done properly, it takes care of all-round health-taking care of all the three dimensions –

Body (Disease Free)

Mind (Emotions and Mental Health)

Soul (Inner Transformation and Awakening).

By taking charge of your breath be a new you.

You are invited to do it for few weeks and test its efficacy and experience the transforming effects yourself. By choosing this path you have embarked upon the journey, which will lead you to a different level of existence-full of joy, creativity and taking full control of the life.