Our breathing pattern starts changing after the first five years of our life, slowly with time, we start attracting more and more tensions, burdening ourselves and steadily narrowing our breathing process to a dangerous level. When you breathe deeply your stomach swell for some time, and it makes you look bulkier than you really are so the nearest possible solution you find is pretended to be normal, pretend to be thinner by sucking in the belly so that others should not judge you and say that you are fat.

This we have learned from others and we follow the same pattern without thinking as to how this will adversely affect us. This makes us a shallow breather, making us pretentious and fake. And short breathing becomes our nature.

If you are a vertical breather, then you have been doing it wrong since long. You must breathe horizontally involving your diaphragm to the maximum level. The part between your gut and heart is the place which should be moving the fastest. Vertical breathing causes high blood pressure, back pain, genital issues, digestive issues, and general stress.

Performance enhancement programmes and personality developments camps will help you only if you are healthy inside if you know how to breathe horizontally.

Try this

Lie down on the ground over a mat or something, keep a hand on your chest and observe its movement. You must try when there is silence around, you must focus on how the chest is moving and when is stomach retracting in place.

Now slowly inhale, filling up the belly, contracting the diaphragm and then reverse. Now observe your hand movements where it strains the most. Your eyes should remain closed in all this, only then you will be able to focus properly.

Done with this, analyze the change in your breathing pattern now!