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We all know that Diaphragmatic Breathing is the best form of breathing. Here we have enumerated the advantages associated with it:

a) Diaphragmatic breathing is relaxing as it makes the Parasympathetic Nervous System (also known as the Relax and Digest System) predominant. This is why it is the ideal means of taking care of stress.

b) The movement of diaphragm in this type of breathing gives a good pull to the heart, massaging it and leading to its proper functioning.

c) Diaphragmatic breathing leads to increased venous return from the entire body, leading to enhanced toxin release and improved oxygenation of the tissues.

d) Due to the better movement of diaphragm, the abdominal organs get a good massage, leading to their better functioning.

e) Most importantly, it results in the best possible ventilation perfusion ratio because of better oxygenation and blood supply to the lower lobes of the lungs.