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What is Breath Works?

Breath works is a scientific term that assimilates three important constituents of enlightened breathing, largely unknown to human beings, even though each and every living being is breathing unconsciously day and night.

Enlightened Breath Works is the essence of the real art and science of living that results from the fusion of science of ‘Correct Breathing‘, the art of ‘Breath Awareness‘ and the sublime ‘Conscious Breathing‘.

Importance of Breath Awareness

IN the modern days most of the ills – physical as well as mental – are caused by the wrong way of breathing, which we have acquired over a period of time. Proper breathing done with awareness is good enough to take care of all these. Our ability to consciously control our breathing pattern gives us access to the autonomic functions of our body, like no other system of our body can boast of. Masters knew the importance of regulating the breath consciously. Breathing is the interface between the body and the mind. Breathing is the only system in the body that despite being involuntary can be made voluntary too. This gives access to our mind and the way we think, learn and analyse.

Thus breathing is a tool, which can be used for HEALTH, GROWTH, AWAKENING AND INNER TRANSFORMATION

After a cataract surgery when I had gone for a checkup my doctor introduced me to Dr Bhatt ,who for many years was his anesthetist , and was now teaching people to breath correctly . With the blurry vision gone the world looked so beautiful and I did not know there would be more to celebrate !!With five lessons Dr Bhatt made me experience the bliss that perhaps was a step ahead of what he did with an injection as an anesthetist. After the boost in energy levels I went on a pilgrimage to Surkanda Devi ,managed without a hitch , the three thousand meter high steep climb at age 75 it was ,indeed , a memorable moment . There has also been an improvement in the sleep pattern and the digestive system . Infact the very perception of life has changed making the winter of my life seem like spring ! I write this with a deep sense of gratitude to Dr Bhatt and hope many more people get an opportunity to learn the art of correct breathing from him.

- Tara Deva

I have had the good fortune of meeting Dr Bhatt and taking some of his classes on breathing - it is surprising how we manage to forget a basic skill for survival - I enjoyed the lucid way in which he explained the “biology” and mechanics of breathing and the impact this has on our day to day life. For me understanding was key to implementing this in my life. I feel that while the situation may not have changed my response to the situation has changed. When I consciously do diaphragmatic breathing I feel calm measured and in control of myself and that allows to respond to situations much better. In my view everyone should go through structured breathing sessions as it will make them healthier and consequently enrich their lives - my bestest wishes to Dr Bhatt and I hope he can continue to do the good work.

- Saranjit Dhupia

Breathworks training provided me a full orientation to deep breathing, combining science with spirituality in a practical way. Through a combination of simple techniques and detailed explanation of the processes and benefits of diaphragmatic breathing, Dr Bhatt brought about a deep change in my relationship to breathing, in a way that can be well-integrated into one’s daily routine. It has made a significant change in my energy levels, positivity and overall feeling of wellness.

- Ramya Menon, New Delhi

I have known Dr Ashok Bhatt for over 35 years now. Dr Bhatt is an extremely competent anaesthesiologist and his experience in respiratory processes is unmatched. I have personally tried his breathing exercises as has my wife and we both swear by him. It has made a huge difference in our energy level, and above all the ability to deal with stress. His ability to explain the benefits are a revelation even to medical professionals like us.

- Dr Navin Sakhuja

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