breathing techniques

What is your sleeping pattern? Are you sleeping the requisite hours? Have you noticed breathing patterns in a child? What is the science of deep sleep? Are you sleeping comfortably?

These are the questions that you must keep asking yourself, at regular intervals. It is very important to sleep properly, for a fresh head start. You must get yourself a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night to feel fresh and energized right through the day.

It is found that people with improper sleep duration gain weight considerably more than those who get sufficient sleep. Short sleep period is one of the common risk factors for obesity.

Imagine this, sleeping is the only time, you are with yourself for the longest period, when your body actually gets time for your care, your mind is thinking only about you and your dreams.

Sleep deficiency disturbs the appetite hormones and cause bad appetite regulation. Those who sleep adequately eat lesser calories than those who don’t. Proper sleep or power naps are vital for various parts of brain function like for cognition, productivity and better performance.

Good sleep improves problem-solving skills. It also enhances performance of mind of both children and adults. Even among the adult people, the aged ones, especially it is needed to see, that they are sleeping on time, without taking any medication. The duration may fluctuate with time, but it should be a deep sleep and not shallow or disturbed one. Poor sleepers are at risk of various ailments, stroke, heart attacks, obesity, inflating blood pressure, diabetes everything relates to the irregular sleeping patterns.

It is important for people to understand the value of proper sleeping, even the way you sleep is important. Keep away the digital stuff, laptops, phones, iPods etc away from you, well before you head to sleep.

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